About Agence


Based in downtown Austin, TX, surrounded by photographers, filmmakers, ad people, producers, casting directors, and other creatives, Agence Talent is a full-service boutique agency committed to promoting top talent and the freshest new faces to the city’s burgeoning entertainment industry and beyond.

But this agency isn’t just a bunch of pretty people. Agence Talent represents a powerful lineup of professional actors and models of all ethnicities, ages, and appearances, for projects in commercial print and broadcast, television, film, fashion, new media, and voiceover.

Always innovative and ever-evolving, Agence Talent added a small Artist division to its roster, employing a freelance team of image-makers in the areas of wardrobe and set styling, hair and makeup, props, and locations. Representing those who work both in front of and behind the camera, makes Agence Talent the only company of its kind in Austin.

Owner Erin Franklin has a passion for Agence that pays off in her reputation with loyal clients and talent, and previously earned her repeat awards for the Austin Ad Federation’s “Agency of the Year” and “Talent Person of the Year.” With personal experience in all aspects of the “biz,” from acting to advertising, and public relations to production, she began her agency back in 2003 to meet the demand of the local industry and assist previously undiscovered actors and models break into it. A big believer in the virtue of branding, Franklin holds a vision for her agency modeled on those in major markets. With one exception: Her Midwestern roots keep her down to earth, caring about her clients and talent, and going the extra mile whenever she can. Agence Talent isn’t an actor factory where big numbers are the goal. Franklin keeps her roster small and successful by providing special attention to a select group of talent. Franklin works closely with the people she signs, acting as a combination cheerleader, mother, and motivator–and makes sure each Agence talent embodies the same special personality and professionalism that she created her company from.

At Agence, actors appear in national commercials, feature films on the big screen, series on the small screen, and everything in-between, while its models book campaigns both at home and in major markets. Agence receives breakdowns from Texas, LA, New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia, and beyond.

A sampling of Agence’s commercial clients include Bounce, Bertolli, Abercrombie, Keds, Kohls, Coor’s Light, Quizno’s, Subway, Sprint, Toshiba, Toyota, Target, Wal-Mart, Marriott, 3M, Pepsi, Home Depot, Chevy, Nike, HEB, Bank of America, Blue Bell, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Ford Motors, Dr. Pepper, Verizon, Chuck E Cheese, and AMD. Agence actors also have roles in the films Sin City, Blacktino, Beneath the Darkness, Infamous, Intramural, Fast Food Nation, Tree of Life, Into the West, Gary The Tennis Coach, Sno Cone Stand, and more, as well as on the TV series’ The Lying Game, Chase, The Good Guys, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, and Friday Night Lights.

Agence Talent License #440.

I want to know your backstory. What shapes your personality, and dedicates you to the craft of acting, is more important to me than a three page resume.