Summer Slump. Says who?

July 13, 2010

There’s a lot of buzz in our business about the so-called “Summer Slump.”

The heat and humidity always hit Austin hard in June, and the jobs tend to dry up, too. However, it hasn’t been all that hot in Austin for mid-July (where’s some wood to knock on?), and compared to the dreaded drought of ’09, our industry hasn’t felt too much heat either. Sure, commercial clients seem to be away on vacation, but central Texas is swimming in series. In Austin alone, casting is currently underway for My Generation and Friday Night Lights. Episode after episode mean more work for actors and crew, and everyone else touched by production.

So, why are you watching soap opera reruns and biking to Barton Springs, instead of nabbing an audition? It’s no secret that to get in front of a casting director, you must bring your “A-Game.” Yeah, it’s cool to be at the pool sipping pina coladas, but while you are, your peers are beefing up their resumes, starring in a short film, taking a class, and frankly, kicking a–.

Actors ask me all the time why they aren’t reading for bigger series’ roles. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue and refrain from rolling my big brown eyes. Since this is my public blog, I will be blunt:  If you have more ego than experience, your audition chances for that series are slim.

So, put that bikini back in the closet and work on your craft instead of your tan. Save the pina colada for when you really have something to celebrate.

Of course, savor the rest of your summer, however you choose to do so.

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